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“It’s hard to find a rapper with the ability to encapsulate the attention of an audience through a raw delivery of bars, but theantisocial is the quintessential example of just that.”

Elevator Magazine

theantisocial, born Justin Bryan Smith on September 11, 1994, is an american hip hop artist from Landover, Maryland. Inspired by Talib Kweli, Outkast, Nas, and J. Cole, Anti began writing music to cope with the financial struggles his family experienced and his mother becoming chronically ill who later succumbed to a heart attack when he was 13.

While attending college in New York, Anti’s father was diagnosed with Cancer, putting a hinder on his family financially and causing Anti to leave New York and move back to Maryland at the end of his freshman year. After hanging up the mic to focus on taking care of his father and finishing his pursuit of education locally, he later used his struggle as motivation to keep going. He began releasing singles throughout the year and steadily building a following as “theantisocial”, a name that represents a mistaken characteristic; he just needs time to get to know you before opening up.

The success of his singles gave him recognition from the D.C. creative collective “Last Niight”, where he later joined and released two singles with them titled “SHOOK” and “EVOLVE”.

After many years of trials and tribulations, which developed him into a hard-hitting lyricist with a unique image with his big red hair, theantisocial can’t help but to stand out visually, and lyrically.

Stay tuned for his debut project scheduled to drop Fall 2018.


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